Pregnancy & Parenting Classes - Quad Cities Iowa & Illinois

Class schedule subject to change. Call today to confirm availability and reserve your spot! If you are coming for the first time, please arrive a few minutes early to complete an intake form. Expectant parents and those with children under 2 earn two dozen diapers for each new class they take. Persons arriving 10 minutes late or more will not be admitted, so please be on time!


Moline, Illinois Class Schedule 

(we moved! 3825 16th St in Moline)

January2019 mol

Davenport, Iowa Class Schedule 

December 2018Dav
January 2019 Dav

The Davenport Center is now offering a nutrition class in conjunction with Iowa State University!

PDF Version Here

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Lesson # 1 Welcome

Lesson # 2 Get Moving

Lesson # 3 Plan, Shop, $ave

Lesson # 4 Fruits & Veggies: Half your Plate

Lesson # 5 Make Half your Grains Whole

Lesson # 6 Go Lean with Protein

Lesson # 7 Build Strong Bones

Lesson # 8 Make a Change

Lesson # 9 Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active

2 optional lessons on healthy pregnancy and feeding children are also available upon request.

Healthy Pregnancy
4 classes on how to take care of yourself during pregnancy

Topics covered include: 

  • Prenatal Development and Pregnancy Self-Care (HP #1)
  • Prenatal Care, Your Changing Body, and Keeping Fit (HP #2)
  • Preparing for Baby and Planning for Childbirth (HP #3)
  • Common Discomforts and High Blood Pressure (HP #4)

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Baby Basics
4 classes for expectant parents on how to take care of your newborn

Topics covered include:

  • Newborn Appearance, Bonding, Emotional Demands, and Coping w/ Stress (BB #1)
  • Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, and Postpartum Care (BB #2)
  • Colic, Crying, and Shaken Baby Syndrome (BB #3)
  • Diapering, Bathing, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and Preeclampsia (BB #4)

Be ready for your baby!

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 Smart Start Parenting Classes 

8 classes for parents with children under age 2

Topics covered include:

  • Childhood health & safety (SS #1)
  • Being affirming, attentive, & connected (SS #2)
  • Being a patient parent (SS #3)
  • Being an authentic parent (SS #4)
  • Being an insightful parent (SS #5)
  • Your emotional and spiritual well-being (SS #6)
  • Young children eating right (SS #7)
  • Budgeting for a new life and baby (SS #8)


24/7 Dad™ Parenting Classes

12 classes taught by men for men - to help you be the best dad you can be!

Topics that are covered include:

  • What it means to be a man
  • Communication
  • The Father's Role
  • Children's Growth
  • Understanding Yourself
  • Handling & Expressing Emotions
  • Expectations & Children's Development

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Doctor Dad®

Doctor Dads teaches dads practical skills & medical info to keep their child healthy and safe. The 4 sessions cover topics such as how to soothe a crying baby, nutrition, shots, fever & the common cold, germs, cuts & scrapes, and safety in the car, house, and yard.

Practical skills & medical info for dads to keep their child healthy and safe

  • The Well Child: Understanding your child’s style, why your baby might be crying, how to soothe your crying baby, nutrition, shots
  • The Sick Child: Taking your child’s temperature, fever, the common cold, germs, preventing dehydration
  • The Injured Child: Burns, sunburns, drowning, cuts & scrapes, head injuries, poisoning, choking
  • The Safe Child: Safety in the car, house, and yard; gun safety and parental anger

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Who is Jesus, Really?

8 classes of beginner Bible Study that examines the life
 and ministry of Jesus through the eyes of a woman

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Bella's Closet
Clothing & More

Maternity Clothes
Are you pregnant? We can loan you up to 8 maternity outfits! You can even exchange them throughout your pregnancy as your belly grows and/or the seasons change!

New Baby Bags
Within 30 days of your due date, we will give you a big bag of newborn baby items! A variety of gender specific essentials will be yours for the keep!

Disposable Diapers
After each class, you will receive (a) 2 dozen disposable diapers if you already have children OR (b) a diaper certificate if you are pregnant. After your baby is born, you can redeem 1 certificate per week.

Baby Clothes
You can shop for baby clothes in our clothing room once every 4 weeks. We carry size 3 months – 24 months (or 2T). Once your child turns 2 or grows out of our largest size (whichever comes first), we can refer you to other clothing resources.

Car Seats
Need a car seat? No problem! Just take 4 classes during your pregnancy and we will give you one within 30 days of your due date!

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When are the classes held?
Classes are held at various times throughout the week. Look at our schedule here or call the center to find out when the class you are interested in will be held.

Do I have to make an appointment?
Yes, please call the appropriate center for an appointment.

How much do the classes cost?
All of our services are free of charge!

Can I bring my kids?
Only if your baby is under 6 months old and does not cry or fuss during class.